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About us and Our Research

Essential Health Labs has been founded by a group of individuals with profound experience in health and beauty sector.

After years of creating and building brands, the extensive and all-embracing practice of EHL founders motivated them to create their own company where they can implement their expertise in creating revolutionary and niche products in skin care.

The foundation of our company has been built on a policy driven by the founders who have a profound knowledge in comprehensive practice and understanding of creating and developing successful brands.

The policy states that each and every member of our team understands that we have a responsibility to our consumers and understand that by focusing on their health and wellbeing is the key to our advancement.

With our extensive experience there is a profound understanding of creating and developing quality products. Being aware of the fact that our products touch many lives our primary focus has always been on the excellence of creation.


It is a fact that health & beauty industry is faced with specific challenges especially when it comes to creating successful brands.

EHL understands these challenges and has a range of solutions based on good manufacturing practices to ensure compliance with strict manufacturing regulations.


Responsibility and Environment

Our company prides itself on the fact that we make strides to protect and preserve the environment. Our decisions and actions do not contribute to deterioration of the environment.

Our aim is to make our planet safe both for the present generation and for the generations to come. Each choice we make has an environmental impact therefore we understand that our choices have to be the right ones.

Enhancing the lives of our consumers with a premium product but at the same time to remain responsible and accountable towards the environment is our company’s motto.


Our Brands and Products



AvantÂge la précieuse – Skincare line created by using the newest, most advanced and extreme hydration active technologies.


We made it possible to capture the youth by creating a splendid infusion that one can easily refer to as true gift to mankind.


For all women who want radiant, rested face and prevent the first wrinkles. Deep hydration, protection, radiance and anti-aging.


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